Say goodbye to handwritten HTML & CSS
Tandem is a free & open source web component builder
Give designers control No need for design to code handoffs, Tandem allows you to safely build production-grade web components visually. Finally designers & coders can work together in the same codebase.
Works with code Components can compile to PHP, React, static HTML, and many other languages, so you can easily integrate them into your existing project.
Build any kind of app Mobile, desktop, server-side, or anything else in between. Tandem can be used to build just about any kind of web application.
Build UIs with precision Color pickers, measurement tooling, responsive design, zooming, and other features are there to help you create UIs more precisely.
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Works with other design tools Link basic CSS from your Sketch or Figma designs to Tandem components.
Safety as a priority Typed definition file generation, isolated styling, and visual regression testing ensures that you build components that safely integrate with handwritten code.
Reusable user interfaces Components are decoupled from code, so you can reuse them across multiple platforms and languages.
Transparent tooling Tooling is based on native CSS & HTML functionality, so you can use your existing knowledge to build user interfaces.
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Just the view layer Tandem only covers simple HTML, CSS, and simple behavior. Complex functionality can easily be added with handwritten code.
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